Review Policy

As we here at WeBeReading receive a fair number of requests for reviews, please take a moment to review our review policies and standards before contacting us.

NOTE: We are currently limiting the number of review copies we accept so please be sure that you are offering something that fits in our interests. We will not respond to pitches that are not even in our interest range. Also, please do not expect a response to your query unless we are interested in a review copy.

First, our reading interests ...

K reads a variety of fiction excluding most modern romance, crime/police procedurals, dark thrillers, and/or grief stories. She prefers historical fiction (especially Victorian settings), classic literature, cozy mysteries, international fiction and mild fantasy and science fiction (especially with some humor). She also doesn't mind a good youth or YA fantasy book or series. Sample authors: Salman Rushdie, 
Carlos Ruiz-Zafon, Jasper Fforde, Neil Gaiman, Wilkie Collins, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Alan Bradley, Agatha Christie, Christopher Fowler, Georgette Heyer, Matthew Pearl, Charles Finch, Diana Wynne Jones, Terry Pratchett, Connie Willis, Jo Walton, Kate Milford, Philip Pullman.

K also really likes good non-fiction in the following categories -- science, nature, biography, and history (especially Victorian). She doesn't read self-help or inspirational books and reads only select memoirs. Sample authors: Simon Winchester, Deborah Blum, Jane Goodall, E.O. Wilson, Kate Summerscale, Peter Ackroyd.

Z prefers middle grade and young YA chapter books, graphic novels and comics. Sample authors: Tom Angleberger, Trenton Lee Stewart, Michael Buckley, JK Rowling, Douglas Adams. He also likes non-fiction about science, nature and animals.

You can see our home library on Library Thing, profile klpm.

We have no problem receiving ARCs and galley copies but still aren't reading e-copies. We are also very selective with self-published books and will accept very few of those.

We will do our best to review any book that we agree to receive although we won't guarantee a glowing review of every book. We are all about honesty but also value tact. Unsolicited mailings will be evaluated on a case by case basis for review. We don't over-schedule our reading because we want to enjoy books so we should almost always be able to post reviews in the requested timeframe. Most of our reviews are also posted on LibraryThing.

If you would like us to consider your books, you can contact us at webereading AT gmailDOTcom.

Thank you to all the publicists and authors for your hard work!