Tuesday, July 8, 2008


After many years of attempting a blog of my random thoughts, I found that I just didn't have that level of sharing in me. What I do have in me is the desire to share my thoughts and opinions about my favorite things -- books. But rather than making this a two-dimensional "here is what a 30-something stay-at-home mom is reading" I thought I would go one step further. So I introduce you to "We Be Reading" -- where you get to see what a 30-something stay-at-home mom AND her 4 year old son are reading (yes, he reads). One day, I may even let you in on what the 30-something tech nerd husband is reading. You see, we are a family who loves our books.

Which books do we love, you ask? Most of them. It's easier to say what we don't love. No one in the house reads horror or true crime, except for classic horror like Dracula and Frankenstein. Those rule! I don't read romance novels except for Victorian "romances" like the works of the lovely and unfortunate Jane Austen. The boy, Z, is into animals so you will see a definite recurring animal theme through his books. Mostly, we like to be entertained and we all love learning.

So sit back in a comfy chair, prop yourself up in your bed or sit on a chaise lounge by the pool and let's talk books.

Thanks for visiting!
K and Z

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