Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Reading Slump

The reading/blogging slump seems to be going through our community right now and it's made it to We Be Reading.  I'll admit that it's more than slightly due to the Olympics.  I am watching about eighty percent of the sports and it is taking up almost all of my reading time.  I always love the Olympics (as you may remember from the Summer Olympics a couple of years ago when I disappeared for a week or so) but they are extra fascinating this year as we are somewhat familiar with Vancouver and have even stayed in the Pan Pacific hotel where the press is staying during the games.  It's exciting to see and I wish we could have gotten it together enough to go up there!

Also, I went a bit overboard for my participation in the Hello Japan! film challenge -- as you will see when I post about it in a couple of days.  I think my time spent on this challenge will total about twenty hours!  That doesn't leave much time for reading.

Finally, I am just not feeling excited about most of my books right now.  Maybe I need to just forget challenges and review books for a week or two and spend some time with beloved favorites.  I've been craving an Alice in Wonderland re-read lately with the SyFy Channel miniseries and the new film coming out.

Now back to men's aerials,


  1. Welcome to the blogging and reading slump. :(

    At least you're spending the time well - I keep meaning to sit down and watch more of the coverage.

  2. Don't allow the slump to get you down; watch the Olympics (I just watched a bunch of curling last night; what a strange sport with its own language) and read a book that isn't "required" for anything. You'll bounce back soon!

  3. The Olympics has taken over my reading time too. I was watching figure skating last night and thinking, "I should really be reading right now." LOL The Olympics only happen every 2 years, so I justify it with that. :D

  4. Well, the Olympics only come around every two years so I think you should enjoy it while you can! The books and the blogs will still be here!

  5. Lena - I'm really going to try and not worry for the next couple of days and then start reading again after Sunday.

    HC - I think that worrying feeds into it and I need to just let go. And I haven't watched curling this year but watched quite a bit of it last time!

    Katy - Agreed. It's two weeks out of every two years. Not exactly a lingering problem! ;)

    Jenners - True. The books will always be here. The massive stack of books that I'm supposed to read ... haha!

  6. I know what you mean - it seems all I can do lately is watch the Olympics! My poor blog has been so neglected this year...hopefully spring will bring an awakening. =)

  7. Elizabeth - I'm starting to get back into books that excite me and I'm hoping that my enthusiasm for the blog is perking back up too! Good luck to you. :)