Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Reading Calendar: March Edition

Z and I read together every day this month!  We had four weeks of Read-A-Thon which of course helped.  Most of that time was me reading to him but he also read some on his own.  And it really seems to have changed his reading patterns.  For the past two days, he has picked up a chapter book on his own and sat to read for about 45 minutes each time.  I don't know if we just have the right book here or if it's that we started a pattern that he is continuing.  Either way, it's fun to see this change right now!  We'll see if things stay the same through Spring Break next week.

Spending our days in many good books,
K and Z


  1. J.D. brought The Mouse and the Motorcycle home from his school library and we have been reading some every night. It is a great one! I have also noticed J.D. picking up chapter books and reading on his own more lately and it is great!

  2. Lenore - It may never happen again but it felt great this month. ;)

    Corbetts - I'm glad that J.D. is moving on to chapter books. I think there's just something in a child's mind that has to switch over for them to appreciate the text over the pictures.

  3. I just love this idea!!!! I see your success and it makes me want to try it with C!