Friday, August 1, 2008

Reading Program Accomplished

Our county libraries started a Preschool Reading Program (Catch the Reading Bug!) this year where the little ones get credit for being read to, spending time outdoors, going to the library and singing. Z finished his program this week. We cheated a little because he wasn't actually read to -- he reads his own books. But I think it was great for him to have a goal and to see his progress through the program.

Z ended up getting a toy, a piece of candy, a free kids meal at Ruby's Diner and, the best gift of all, a book. He got On Beyond Bugs: All About Insects from the Cat in the Hat Learning Library. It's a cute book that is chock full of insect information. I've actually noticed it at the bookstore and thought that Z would enjoy it. (Side story: The other day we went to the Insect exhibit at the Pacific Science Center and Z was thrilled to get to hold a Madagascar hissing cockroach. Not one of the "cutest" pictures I've ever taken of him but it'll be a fun time to remember!)

I don't think we will ever need a Reading Program to keep Z reading through the summers but I think it's great to let him know that reading is important and "rewarding". Too many kids end up thinking that books and reading are a punishment. But as we know, books are awesome!

Reading for fun,
K and Z

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