Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Little Otter wakes in his safe, snug den, ready to play in an utterly otterly way."

This week at the library we picked up the picture book Utterly Otterly Day by Mary Casanova. This is a simple story about a little otter who thinks he is old enough to hang out by himself for the day. When danger finds him, his parents and sister are there to help him and he realizes that getting older doesn't mean that you need to leave your family behind. This is a nice message and the book has some good prose although I sometimes found it to be uneven which threw me off my reading rhythm.

I thought that the illustrations by Ard Hoyt were a little off in some places (like the little otter on the cover). He has a cute little body but his head is ginormous and his massive Cheshire mouth creeps me out a bit. I thought that the adult otters were drawn much better and the backgrounds are quite beautiful.

This book was just published and was a good little find. I recommend it for your little one that might be heading off for school this week. They will find it comforting to know that your family is always there for you. Z still has a couple of weeks before he goes back to school so I will remind him that it's fun to be a big kid off at school but also good to be mommy and daddy's little boy back home.

Keeping together,
K and Z

Buy Utterly Otterly Day on Amazon or find it at your local library.

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