Sunday, September 21, 2008

"On a faraway plain stood five lonely statues."

Since Z went back to preschool this week, I stopped at the library by myself and picked up some books for both of us. One of the picture books I got for Z is Five Little Fiends by Sarah Dyer. I didn't look inside and I thought it would be a spooky story for Halloween-time but instead it's an appreciating the Earth story. The five fiends live in the five aforementioned statues and each one enjoys something different about their surroundings and one day they each capture the thing they admire most. But in removing that part of the environment, it loses its purpose and therefore its beauty. So the fiends replace everything and enjoy them as a whole again. So I'm not sure how fiendish they really are after all but this is a good little book with a good message.

Appreciating the whole,
K and Z

Buy Five Little Fiends on Amazon or find it at your local bookstore.

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