Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Seattle Days, Siberian Nights

I found a new favorite place to read today -- the pedicure chair at InSpa. Since Z went back to school this week, I get two and a half whole hours, three days a week to myself. I took my first day of it today to use a gift card at the spa for what will probably be my last pedicure of the season. I'm not into fashion but I am into having someone pamper me for 90 minutes! For those of you that follow OPI colors, I chose "Siberian Nights". The OPI website calls it "A wonderfully wintery shade of onyx" ... I call it "purply-black". I was reading a book of ghost stories that I'm hoping to finish tonight and review tomorrow. I even gave in at Starbucks today and got a pumpkin spice latte. I'm ready for fall, I guess!

My time at the school library on Monday was fun. The first graders are adorable. They seem so much older than my little preschooler. One girl came up to me with her book and I said "that looks like a good book" and she said "yes, it does! um ... can you tell me what it's called?" So cute! It was tiring to do all of the cleaning and straightening and shelving but the time with the kids was worth it. I'm glad that I will get to see these kids for the entire school year and watch them grow and learn.

Contemplating beginnnings and ends,

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