Monday, March 2, 2009

Bugs and Mothers and Motherly Bugs

Z is incredibly obsessed with Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends at the moment, thanks to Noggin On Demand and So, we're taking advantage of this and getting him books at the library like Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids and Miss Spider's Tea Party. At Barnes & Noble the other night, we picked up a copy of Little Miss Spider, the chronologically first Miss Spider book by David Kirk.

This book tells about Miss Spider's search for her mother and eventual adoption by Betty, a beetle. The final stanza of this poetic book is incredibly sweet --
For finding your mother,
There's one certain test.
You must look for the creature
Who loves you best.

This would be a fantastic gift for any young child and would be especially good for young adopted children. A mother's love isn't based on biology but on choosing who you want to be with.

Always enjoying our time together,
K and Z

Buy Little Miss Spider on Amazon or find it at your local library.

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