Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Real Family Treasure

My trip last week was to help my mom sort through my grandma's belongings that have been in storage. We found many strange things, quite a few valuables and one very cool book --

As far as I can tell, this is a second edition, published in 1904 (the first edition was in 1903). It has a beautiful title page and color plates.

It is possible that this book belonged to either my great grandparents or my great-great grandparents because I don't have the kind of family that invests in books. This would have originally been bought in 1904. Now I wish that my grandma had shared this sort of information with us! But at least I have the book and, as I read about the adventures of Buck, I can imagine generations before me enjoying this same journey.

Connecting with the past,


  1. What a delightful find, and it's a timeless story too. I'm sure Z will love it when he gets older as well. Enjoy.

  2. that is totally an awesome find!

  3. This is so neat and quite the treasure!! Love it!!

  4. I love The Call of the wild, and that is a beautiful edition.