Monday, June 15, 2009

Children's Summer Reading Programs

One of the things that Z and I accomplished last year was the local library's summer reading program. They had a nice version of it for preschoolers that included singing and taking walks. They release the new summer program today and I'm not sure if he will participate in the preschool program or the youth program.

Some of the corporate summer reading programs are:
Barnes & Noble - read eight books and get a coupon for a free book (grades 1-6)
Borders - read eight books and save 50% on various items (12 and under)
Half-Price Books - read 15 minutes per day and earn a $3 gift card (12 and under)
Scholastic Summer Challenge - log minutes read each day for chances to win prizes - also a younger kids' game

Feel free to leave any other children's summer reading programs or ideas in the comments section! We'll keep you updated on our progress through the local library program.

Building our summer reading list,
K and Z

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