Sunday, July 5, 2009

Let The Books Roll In

I'm away on vacation until later this afternoon so, in lieu of real content or beautiful pictures of San Juan Island (which I will post soon!), I thought I would just share some of my recent book acquisitions with you.

Last weekend I went out and bought Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman after reading Un Lun Dun. I can't wait to compare them!

I got an ARC from Penguin of Ice Land by Betsy Tobin. It seems like a mythical quest-type novel set in Iceland in 1000 A.D. It doesn't release until the end of August, I believe, so I won't be reading it for a bit.

And then I got a few cheap hardcovers in the massive B& clearance -- none of these for more than $3.99 apiece! I always feel a bit guilty for some reason when I get awesome deals like this.

First is The Mammoth Book of New Historical Whodunnits. I own the Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits already and these are my favorite types of short stories because there's always a plot and resolution! Lynda S. Robinson is the only author I recognize in the collection so maybe this will even lead me to some new authors.

The second book of short stories I grabbed is 20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill. These are obviously ghost stories -- which I could read all year long but I will probably save these for the fall.

The Book of Air and Shadows by Michael Gruber is one that I keep getting recommended on Amazon based on other books I choose. It's a thriller about books so I knew I would have to read it at some point! Apparently Gruber is a Seattle-ite as well so it will be supporting a local author.

One that I grabbed totally based on the cover is Hippolyte's Island by Barbara Hodgson. There is a naturalistic drawing of a tropical, probably flightless bird on the cover and some worn index letters down the side. Now that it's in my hands, I can see what I've actually gotten in for. This is an illustrated novel full of sketches and drawings and more about a naturalist that rediscovers some tiny islands in the South Atlantic. I think this will definitely find its way into my hands soon! It's a beautiful book.

One author that I have always wanted to try is Amitav Ghosh. They had The Hungry Tide on the list, a novel set in the Sundarban Islands off the coast of India. The main character is a marine biologist and this is another book that just begs to be read in the summer.

I hadn't heard about Guy Gavriel Kay or his book Ysabel until Eva mentioned this book a while back as one of her Once Upon a Time challenge books. She didn't love it but didn't hate it either so I will try it out. It has dark cathedrals and ghosts and lots of ambience so I will probably save this for a fall read as well.

The final book I grabbed is Darwin Conspiracy by John Darnton because I can't resist any novel with "Darwin" in the title. This book is set both on The Beagle and back in Victorian England while Darwin writes On The Origin of Species. What I really need to do is tie this in with my promised reading this year of Origin.

Hopefully I will be reviewing some of these titles for you this summer and fall! They are joining my tall TBR stacks but may make it out sooner than later.

Winding down a short but much needed vacation,


  1. Have a wonderful vacation. I enjoyed your update on books you are planning to read. Have fun!

  2. I LOVE Guy Gavriel Kay - he's one of my favorite authors. Hope you enjoy Ysabal!

  3. Hope your vacation was enjoyable!! I read Joe Hill's Heart Shaped Box and it was pretty good but I didn't read this one. You do know he is Stephen King's son, right?

    Sounds like you got some great deals!!!

  4. Thanks Diane! We had a great time.

    Elizabeth - I'm hoping to love him too. If you have any recommendations for other books of his, let me know!

    Jenners - I'm not sure I put that together! Cool!

  5. Hope you had a fun, relaxing vacation!! What's this about Joe Hill being Stephen King's son?

  6. Yes, he's really Joseph Hillstrom King but goes by Joe Hill to not capitalize on his father's fame. Of course, this kind of information could never really be kept secret!

  7. I totally did not know this! Thanks for the tidbit!