Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dr. Seuss Is In Our House

Do we have enough Seuss? Is there such a thing? This stack comes from Z's own shelves. He's got more than enough Seuss books for one a day for two weeks. There are three that he has that are technically not written by Dr. Seuss but are in the Seuss library. And there are many others books that we don't own (Amazon lists 111 entries on their Seuss page).

Why do we have so many? Because kids love them. They hit a certain age and it just clicks -- they connect with the rhymes or the simple drawings or just the silliness. And that feeling never leaves, does it? So when it comes time to stock the shelves for a new addition to your own family or to choose a gift for a new niece, nephew or grandchild, many of us turn to Dr. Seuss. Whether it's Horton-- "a person's a person no matter how small" --or the Sneetches with "stars upon thars", the Lorax who speaks for the trees or Sam I Am and his obsession with offering green eggs and ham, there is something for everyone here. Now if we can just get everyone to spell Seuss' name correctly ...

Long live Dr. Seuss,
K and Z

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  1. What a great picture. Love the good Dr. myself.

  2. Sneetches, I'm definitely a fan of Sneetches!

  3. Who doesn't love Dr. Seuss?!? My fondest childhood memories are curled up reading his books. I love that photo!

  4. I remember loving Dr. Seuss and a child and then when I had my son, I rediscovered him again and realized what a true genius he is now that I am reading them from a mother's point of view (and an older person). We have almost the same collection and I add a new one about every year until he gets all the ones I think he should have. Long live Seuss!

    (and I do think I was spelling his name wrong before! Shame on me!)

  5. Love Seuss!!! Right now my son's fave is Go Dog! Go. My fave was Wacky Wednesday . . . at least I'm pretty sure that was Seuss writing under one of his alternates!

  6. Al - I'm partial to the Sneetches as well!

    Jenners - I agree that there's a whole 'nother dimension to Dr. Seuss when you're a parent. They're the sorts of book that makes you smile when you hear a little five year old voice reciting portions of them.

    Tif - Z's favorite is Horton, mostly because of the movie but he likes the book just as well.