Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Little More Personality

We welcome you to click over from your reader today to check out We Be Reading's new and improved look! It's a work in progress but I just couldn't stand the Blogger template anymore. The best thing about the new look is that it features some of my favorite books -- part of my Oz collection. I promise to photograph the entire collection soon and tell you its story. Z hasn't gotten to read these ones yet even though I first read them when I was his age.

We hope you like our new cover, so to speak. And, lest I forget, thank you to my younger brother, S, who helped with the header image. I took the picture but he did the rest!

Inviting you to our bookshelves,
K and Z


  1. i really like your new layout :) the header image is really pretty

  2. I think I told you this already but I really do love the new look. The photo has a very warm tone to it and is cozy!

  3. Thanks everyone! I'm happy to have something that I think represents us and our blog in a better way.