Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mystery Read-A-Thon: Update Six

I ended up going shopping for a quite a while today and taking another nap so I only got five stories read so far --

Benjamin's Trap by Richard Moquist - a post Revolutionary War story featuring none other than Benjamin Franklin. I liked this story and might look up more by this writer.

The Serpent's Back by Ian Rankin - a story in Edinburgh about the seamier elements of town. Rankin is apparently quite well known in Britain.

Botanist at Bay by Edward Marston - this takes place, as you can imagine, at the Botany Bay penal colony. A man serves his time and is redeemed only to be dragged back into crime by his own foolishness. This was the first story where I wasn't sure justice was served. He has a few series that might be interesting.

The Living and the Dead by Judith Cutler - is a Regency England tale, complete with the crazy, young Lord and his heartless mother. This story had a touch of sweetness along with the depraved indifference.

Footprints by Jeffery Farnol - this was a jaunty story that would have done better read aloud as it was written in a bizarre dialect.

Time Spent Reading: 1 hours 35 minutes
Total Read-A-Thon Time: 8 hours 5 minutes

I've read 438 pages so far. As it is now seven pm and I have four more hours of reading to complete, I am going to have to spend most of the evening on task! I have six more stories in this anthology so I'm sure I will finish them and then pick up another book. I wonder what it will be!

Figuring out how to read a thick book and make dinner at the same time,

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