Friday, August 28, 2009

Poe Fridays: The Sleeper

We returned to poetry for this week's Poe Fridays with The Sleeper. You can read it here. It's a bit longer poem so I won't reprint it here except for an excerpt --
The lady sleeps! Oh, may her sleep,
Which is enduring, so be deep!
Heaven have her in its sacred keep!
This chamber changed for one more holy,
This bed for one more melancholy,
I pray to God that she may lie
For ever with unopened eye,
While the pale sheeted ghosts go by!

My love, she sleeps! Oh, may her sleep
As it is lasting, so be deep!
Soft may the worms about her creep!

I'm sure you could have guessed that Poe wasn't going to be talking about someone taking a nap in this poem! This one has beautiful descriptions of the moon at midnight but it gets a bit cheesy when he brings in the worms. This isn't as much of a "dead lover" poem as many of his others. It seems more of a general musing on what does or doesn't happen after death. There are pleasing parts of the poem but I'm not in love with the whole.

I'm swamped with a ridiculously huge reading queue right now so let's grab another poem for next week ... the short Eldorado.

Wishing all those who have passed a peaceful repose,


  1. I'm so impressed with the discipline and determination you've shown for your Poe Fridays Kristen. Let's not talk about my iPoe progress *blush*

    Keep up the good work. Poe would have been proud of you.

  2. Thanks Rob! I think Poe would have felt that it was only his due that I stick with this because of his obvious genius. :)