Sunday, September 20, 2009

Roald Dahl 2009 Shortlist

As this might be my favorite award ever and it's in its second year, I wanted to make sure and bring to your attention the Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2009 Shortlist. The purposes of this award are to

> promote laughter and humour as a feel-good factor when reading, by encouraging families to read together and discover the pleasure of humorous (funny) books. This in turn will reinforce the message that reading together promotes family well-being.

> draw attention to funny books as readable and enjoyable books. We hope that the prize will enable these books to gain a profile that makes them more accessible to children and young people. The prize will work to achieve this through a range of activities supported by libraries, teachers and parents.

> reward and encourage authors (and illustrators) who write and illustrate books using humour in their stories, poetry and fiction. By creating these awards we hope to promote a vibrant area of publishing often overlooked by other awards.

The shortlists are for "funniest book for children aged six and under" and "funniest book for children aged seven to fourteen".

Go take a look at the lists and find your child or grandchild (or secretly yourself) a new and very funny kid book! I like shortlists because there's more chance to find the right book for you or your family.

And don't forget that you still have a week and a half left to celebrate! September is Roald Dahl Month. Head to the website for activity sheets and more to celebrate the gift of humor that Dahl gave to all of the world's young readers.

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