Sunday, October 4, 2009

Discussion: Post Edits

I wrote a review recently and when I read it after it posted I didn't like the way one paragraph was phrased. I went back into the post and changed it even though there were comments on the post and people had obviously read it already. I was wondering if anyone else does this. How many times do you review a post before you schedule it? Do you write it and then come back to it again later? Or do you just crank it out and release it to the world without another thought?

I know that I make more of an effort on posts for review copies and I tend to let those reviews sit for a day or two before I finalize them. But most other posts are just written, scheduled and forgotten until I see them show up in my Google Reader. Then I usually do read them again ... I'm not sure why. Do you subscribe to your own blog and read your own posts?

I would love to hear some of your thoughts on this. It's interesting to hear about other bloggers' processes.

Taking my blogging seriously,


  1. I usually write and post right away, unless there's a good reason to schedule it for later (ie, it's for the Sunday Salon or Jenny has just written a post). I don't proofread as carefully as I should (which is strange given that that's what I do for a living), so typos do slip through. When I'm feeling industrious, I do use Wordpress's preview view to read my post before it goes up. I find it easier to spot typos when I'm looking at it in a different format. But sometimes I'm lazy and neglect that step.

    Once a post is up, if I spot a typo I'll go back in and fix it, but I try not edit extensively.

    I do subscribe to my own blog on Google Reader, mostly because it helps me to see that the feed is still working properly.

  2. I definitely go back to edit typos, but rarely ever phrasing or so. I usually have my reviews pretty polished before I post them.

  3. I usually write a post and post it, but then on occasion find a typo or grammatical error and revise it.

    Also using Blogger, I often have formatting issues, and sometimes when I schedule a post and then view it later on the photo is out of whack or the print so I have to revise it.

    I do subscribe to my blog in google reader.

  4. I usually post pretty quickly after finishing a review...but I have gone in and corrected typos later (I don't think I've ever changed content). I just started subscribing to my own blog because I want to make sure things come through correctly.

  5. I do subscribe to my own blog for just this reason! I want to make sure that what people are seeing and reading through there also looks fine there as well as on my own blog. I've also been known to go back and make edits, add other review links, etc. I wouldn't say that they are real extensive edits though. I typically will read my reviews and posts multiple times before actually publishing. And, I've made up my mind that I do not "schedule" posts because they do not always post in the format that I would like. I write them up and then go in and hit publish when I'm ready for them to finally appear. But then again, I really have not had the time recently to do much writing to "schedule" anything early!! :)

  6. This is such a good question -- it's something I've been wondering too. I generally write up my posts in Word (well, the reviews at least) and do spend quite a bit of time polishing them, but invariably after they are published I find some better way of saying something... I usually tweak them right away, though, before anybody has had a chance to read them. Sometimes I go back to old posts and add links to other reviews (and fix typos if I find any). I once found a typo in a review after the author had read and commented on it (very embarrassing!). And like others have mentioned, I subscribe to my own feed to be able to make sure it's appearing properly.

  7. I am always having to post-publish edit for howlers of varying kinds - spelling mainly. And typos. And general idiocy. Me an English teacher??!

  8. Dear WBR,

    For "Regards, Everyone," I write, review, re-write (if necessary), save, and schedule the post.

    Then before the post goes "live" I review the post once more and then let it publish on its own.


  9. I tend to write my reviews in chunks - today, I think I'm writing four of them - and the first will go out tomorrow. I always re-read it a few times and then I have my boyfriend read it through. He usually hasn't read the book yet and can tell me where he gets confused with my phrasing or if it just doesn't make sense to someone who hasn't read it.

    I don't subscribe to my own blog though, just because the number on my GR is already frightening enough!

  10. Whenever I write a post, I have my husband read a rough draft, then I go over it again and make any necessary changes. I've been known go back and correct minor errors on a post when I spot them even if I posted the post a year or two before. I can't say I've ever made any significant changes to a post that's already been published. I don't see why you couldn't do that though. It just means those who have read the post already won't be privy to the changes you made.

  11. I read my own posts several times -- mostly to catch errors that I may have missed as I proof on the screen. Plus I always look for formatting problems and that links are working. I do correct things that I find that are wrong even if people have commented already -- I won't usually change the content in any significant way. As far as book reviews, I usually let them sit for a day or two so I can read them with "fresh" eyes before hitting publish. : )

  12. I subscribe to my own feed to make sure it's working. I also frequently go back to fix typos. Sometimes, I'll even change the way I've phrased something. Unfortunately, posts NEVER actually get to sit for a couple days. This stinking day job thing (which I'm very grateful for) makes daily posting extremely difficult. I usually mull a book quite a bit before actually writing the review though.

  13. Teresa - I don't think it's a bad thing that you don't proofread as much as with your job. We need to be having fun with these blogs.

    Lenore - I could never leave a typo!

    Diane - Oh yes ... doesn't that bother you when something formats badly that looked just fine in the edit and review pages?

    Wendy - It sounds like you have the right balance of not worrying too much but also making sure that you are putting something of quality out there.

    Tif - I do multiple reads too. But I schedule in advance for those days when I don't feel like doing anything.

    Avisannschild - I've heard of a few people that write up first in Word. And it looks like quite a few of us subscribe to our own feeds.

  14. Juxtabook - Shame on you! ;) I always blame it on being too excited about the post ... like I was typing too quickly or something.

    J - You are a paragon of organization.

    Saveophelia - I write in chunks as well. I will usually sit down with a stack of two to four books and get a few posts written at a time when I'm in the mood.
    How sweet your boyfriend is to read your posts! I don't think I could get the husb to read them before they post but at least he's kind enough to subscribe to the feed.

    Literary feline - Another kind husband! Lucky you!

    Jenners - I let my review copy posts sit for a bit mostly because there's more of a chance that the publicist will direct the author to the review. I wouldn't want to embarrass myself!

    Cara powers - It sounds like we are on the same level of editing before and after posts. And if I had an actual day job, I'm sure my blog would be much different!

  15. I often post things and then realize I forgot something -- like the link or a picture or something -- and go back and change it.

  16. Well, that is what I aspire to!! Someday I'm hoping to get there and feel comfortable that it will actually post in the format that I want to!! :)

  17. Rose City - Oh! I hate when I forget something but it happens pretty often since I tend to write blog posts late at night.

    Tif - You'll get there!

  18. I hope so!!

    I also wanted to say that I have lately been going in to post edit in order to add links to additional reviews. I only recently started doing this in case readers are interested in other opinions.