Saturday, December 19, 2009

Starred Saturdays: week of December 13

Well here we are, just under a week until Christmas! I'm not sure I will be around my blog much in the coming week because I'm picking up my sister from the airport tonight and we tend to spend most of our time playing video games and watching classic movies. I've been dying to watch Christmas in Connecticut!

This week's starred items in my Reader are mostly book reviews --
The Tricking of Freya at Rose City Reader
Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks at Savidge Reads
All Saints' Eve at Lynda's Book Blog
A Dark Night's Work at A Reader's Respite
Christmas Day in the Morning at A Fondness for Reading

I'm definitely going to check out the newly re-released Victorian novels from Victorian Secrets. (via Juxtabook)

And here's a different sort of list -- The decade's best unread books (at The Guardian via The Oxford University Press Blog)

I enjoyed the Changing Face of Sherlock Holmes slideshow on The Independent. (via The Inkwell Bookstore Blog)

The Inkwell blog also pointed me to the most amazing Alice in Wonderland cupcakes I have ever seen.

After you check out the cupcakes, check out the new Alice in Wonderland trailer. Tim Burton has preserved so much of the Disney feel and yet made it entirely his own. Fantastic! (via Techland)

And finally ... I'm trying to think of some reason that I need to make Smitten Kitchen's Ridiculously Easy Butterscotch Sauce but at this point I'm almost willing to count "to just shovel spoonfuls in my mouth" as a valid reason!

Have a great week and I may or may not see you back here next week!

Taking a break to admire the Christmas star,


  1. Yeah, I completely want that Butterscotch Sauce too. *sigh*

  2. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and have fun with your sister!!!!!!

  3. Elizabeth - I'm still working on what to put it on but I'm leaning toward just plain vanilla ice cream. The better to taste the butterscotch!

    Tif - Thanks so much! She's here and we're already having fun!