Saturday, December 5, 2009

Starred Saturdays: week of November 29

Happy first bit of December! We're a few days into three advent calendars and this appears to be the first year that Z is really looking forward to Christmas. He talks about it non-stop and keeps asking each day if "today" is Christmas Eve. This is going to be a long month!

Is anyone else looking forward to SyFy's Alice miniseries? Techland and io9 definitely are and from what they are saying, it looks like it could be awesome.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is going to be a miniseries. Oh wait, it's not. But it might become a film ...

Looking for an end-of-the-year book list? Here's my list of lists:
L.A. Times 2009 Favorite Fiction (includes links to non-fiction, sci-fi, mystery, flashback and myths & legends lists)
The TLS Books of the Year 2009 (via The Millions)
A list of books for friends who enjoy form over function (via The Millions)
Some children's book wish lists at Booklights
Lev Grossman's list of The Six Greatest Fantasy Novels of All Time (via io9)
And a dozen or so other lists from The Inkwell Bookstore blog

The Good Books Inc. Etsy shop has been launched! You can support fellow book bloggers Padfoot and Prongs and get some cool bookish gifts at the same time.

The most awesome set of photos ever are from Empire Magazine who brought in actors in street clothes to re-enact their famous movie scenes. The best ones are from Silence of the Lambs, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Shaun of the Dead and Jurassic Park. (via io9)

Here's a very strange but oddly functional bookish gift featured at The Inkwell Bookstore Blog.

And yes, I am a BIG fan of holiday cookies and Joy the Baker has provided me with a possible yearly recipe.

Celebrating a season of lists and cookies,


  1. The LA Times list has a book by Maile Meloy, who they cite as a debut author, but I read a novel she wrote for the Take a Chance challenge that was published in 2003. (And didn't really like it.) Weird.

    Love book lists - thanks for these!!

  2. Jake just said to me today, "I think tomorrow will be Christmas." He is so excited too. This is the first year that I think J.D. and Jake will be excited to get books for Christmas because they are both doing well with reading on their own and enjoy it. They were also excited to get out all of the Christmas books. We have been reading a chapter of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever each night for the past week and they are really enjoying finding out what the Herdmans will do next.

  3. Elizabeth - How annoying! I bet that the author is less than happy about it too ... but of course she did get onto the LA Times list ... so maybe she's okay after all. ;)

    Corbett family - We haven't pulled out the Christmas books yet except that Z found a Rugrats Christmas book on the shelf that is a "lift-the-flap" which he loves so he's been satisfied with that so far.

  4. You have some good stuff here ... and I realize I am probably never going to do this ... I just don't have the patience or organization for it.

  5. My son has been asking me the same question every day too!! I think they are about the same age because mine is really getting into it this year! I love it (but I really could do without the daily question)!! :)

  6. Jenners - I do these posts because I have fun writing them up and it also helps me remember things by revisiting them.

    Tif - Z has been singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" at the top of his lungs for a week or so now. :) It really *is* cute!

  7. Yeah, as annoying as it may be in the moment, it truly is something I cherish!! Besides, the alternative of absolute quiet could be worse . . . :)