Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Show Us Some Comment Love

Hooray! It's Delurking Day (at least according to some people -- there doesn't actually seem to be anything official about it)! So while I'm out making myself seen on some blogs that I quietly read, use this chance to leave us a comment letting us know you're there.

I would love to get your name (or online alias), blog address (if you have one -- so that we can come visit you too!) and if you're feeling up to it, a book recommendation for K or Z based on what you know of us through the blog.

If a recommendation doesn't come to mind, just tell us some place in the world that you wish you were right now.  Although we can't complain too much about the unseasonably warm weather in Seattle, we're voting for this place ... Laie Point on Oahu, Hawaii.  (photo credit to my brother, B)

Happy commenting,
K and Z


  1. Lol! Delurking Day?! What a great idea. Well, I'm here and while i have no book recommendations right this minute, I can tell you that I'd love to be in Las Vegas, Nevada. I love this place and have been wanting to go back there ever since I got married in Grand Canyon.

  2. I am here to tell you that I just ate too many m&ms. Off topic I know, but it is foremost on my mind right now.

  3. DELURK...LOL...I check out your blog all the time but don't always comment. Great photo!

  4. I don't think I'm a lurker! My book recommendation today is Elsie Venner, an 1861 novel by Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes. Maybe not your cup of tea.

    Oh, look, I'm also promoting my new blog!

  5. No recommendation comes to mind as I just got in from work and I am trying to relax.... Oh, actually, the Mr. Men and Little Miss books would be fun for Z. My 9 year old still likes them

  6. Lilly - I haven't been to Vegas in years! Thanks for commenting. :)

    Lenore - That's good to know! I actually got sick of mint m&ms last month because I ate so many of them.

    Diane - Thanks for commenting!

    Rob - I will definitely check out your recommendation and decide if it's for me! Thanks!

    HC - I remember reading those as a kid but had forgotten about them. Thanks for reminding me!

  7. I am not sure I could ever get tired of mint m&ms. I wish I could have some right now. They aren't available in Germany.