Saturday, January 2, 2010

Starred Saturdays: week of December 27

We had a very mellow New Year's Eve this year even though Z was awake in his room until after eleven. He almost made it to the celebration. Now he's excited to head back to school this week -- mostly for recess! We've been cooped up and sick for a long time now.

The blogs were pretty quiet this week so I don't have many starred items ...

Here is a link to all of the translated fiction and poetry of 2009. I know that many bloggers have goals to read a certain amount of translated fiction so this is a great reference. (via The Millions)

Locus Online has interesting excerpts of an interview with Michael Dirda, the Pulitzer Prize winning critic -- the full article is in the magazine. (via io9)
The books we can't make sense of, that knock us off-kilter, that we don't accept readily, will often be the books that matter most to the next generation. In fact, that's generally the sign of a really important book: it doesn't fit into our received expectations, it bothers us, it 'doesn't work.' Sometimes an ambitious failure is more worth having than a successful little novel that is perfectly well done.”

Jemima at The Reading Journey wants to start a feature with photos of unique library buildings and artwork. If you have an interesting library in your town, head over there and submit your photos to her! I can't wait for this feature to start.

Publishers Weekly has a list of classic literature titles that have been made into graphic novels in 2009 and coming in 2010. If you need a gateway to graphic novels, this could be the list for you! (via A Fuse #8 Production)

And most bloggers have posted their "Year in Review" posts which I'm loving! So I'll leave you to read the ones that are showing up in your Reader.

Happy 2010 and happy reading!


  1. Recess is one of the best parts of being a child in school. :-) I do hope everyone is on the mend. Being sick during vacation is no fun.

    Thank you for the links!

    I hope you enjoy your weekend!

  2. My Little One told me today "I'm ready to go back to school, Mommy. This vacation is too long." I love it!