Saturday, January 16, 2010

Starred Saturdays: week of January 10

I hope that this finds everyone well this week.  It's been a tough one with the tragedy in Haiti and I hope that everyone is doing what they can to help.  If you aren't sure which organization to donate to, you can visit to find out what each group is doing in the country and how reliable they are.

Tif of Tif Talks Books has launched a new site, Literary Locals.  She needs help compiling the locations of authors so that she can create a directory for readers who want to support local authors.  There is a short survey that you take to submit each author.

An Irish book publisher and a bookselling chain have joined forces with breakfast cereal maker Kellogg's to give books to children instead of toys when they buy cereal. (via Jacket Copy)

The shortlists are out for the 2009 Cybils -- awards given by the kidlit blogging community to children's and young adult books. (via PBS Booklights)

Here's a piece on why more books in translation don't come to the American market.  It's quite a comprehensive analysis.  (via The Millions)

Oh, you knew it was coming ... Android Karenina.  June 2010. (via EW Shelf Life)

Wondering where your job ranks in a list of 200 jobs?  If you are a librarian (number 46 on the list), maybe you should reconsider and become a parole officer (number 29) instead.  And our author friends are in real trouble at number 74. (via io9)

If you have a LOT of free time (I'm not kidding ... you need a ridiculous amount of free time), check out Strange Maps.  They are the source of our picture of the week -- a laundry South America. (via Design For Mankind)

Thinking and acting globally,


  1. I loved the 'books in translation' article. Very interesting to read, especially from a perspective of a translator such as myself. There indeed are tons of great literary works that the American people are missing out on because of the language and monetary barrier.

  2. My career is #19 - I'm pretty sure I disagree with that most days.

  3. Thanks for helping to spread the word about Literary Locals!!! I really appreciate it!!

    I was checking out the job ranking list and I think my actual job is a combo between 49 and 69. Hmmm . . . higher rating than my hubby's which is VERY interesting and much higher than I thought it would be!!