Saturday, February 27, 2010

Starred Saturdays: week of February 21

Well, the Olympics are winding down and spring is starting up.  We saw some pink blossoms this afternoon which was quite surprising for February!  I won't complain though ... until July when we are roasting because we don't have air conditioning.

Penguin has been going all out with imaginative book covers recently and their six covers by tattoo artists are fascinating. (via EW's Shelf Life)

Nintendo is releasing a larger-screened version of its handheld gaming machine that will have e-books software.  It will have 4 inch double screens so it will have more of a two-page feel.  (via Jacket Copy)

Not satisfied with last week's Penguin postcards as decor?  This week, try Chronicle Books' Pictorial Webster's Wall Cards.  I think they would be great in a nursery.

At Curious Pages, read a wonderful little interview about an author's experience working with stellar illustrator Edward Gorey.

Oceanhouse Media has taken two Seuss classics and turned them into iPhone e-book apps.  (via Online Publicist)

Apartment Therapy comes through for us this week with five tips on How To Care For Your Books.  They're common sense ideas but good for a refresher.

Need to know some of the bizarre ways authors have died?  There's a list for that.  Be sure and check out the comments for more entries.  (via Algonquin Books Blog)

And finally, a cute video from Penguin about choosing the proper font ... I wish it was longer!

Hoping for a quiet weekend,


  1. I thought that Penguin link was interesting. I seem to ahev been investigating literary tattoos recently (see )but like the commenters say - an odd choice of books and I am not really sure the Bridget Jones works.

  2. Too many interesting links!

    And I just can't imagine reading a book on a DS ... no matter how much bigger the screen is!

  3. Jux - I guess there could have been worse choices!

    Jenners - A four inch screen is pretty small. Wouldn't that be like reading a book on a deck of cards? I have tried reading on my iPhone and it's pretty difficult and a bit disheartening since you keep turning pages and never getting anywhere.