Saturday, February 13, 2010

Starred Saturdays: week of February 7

Happy Winter Olympics, Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Presidents' Day!  What a wonderful holiday weekend.  Z's school district gives a week off in February so we are starting that right now and this will either mean a lot more time to read or it might be a lot less since we will be watching so many amazing athletes competing just to the north of us here.  Go U.S.A.!

Bookish television nerds rejoice -- Neil Gaiman has finally confessed to penning an upcoming episode of Doctor Who. (via io9)

The American Literary Blog has a couple of posts highlighting African-American literary contributors -- appropriate posts for Black History Month.

Author Peter Straub has a new novel coming out but he is also releasing a pre-edited version of the book which is supposedly quite different.  He thinks it will be of interest to those who enjoy viewing the creative process.  (via io9)

Author R.N. Morris reveals that E.T.A. Hoffmann predicted the Kindle in the early nineteenth century.  Take that, Nostradamus.

International NBA players are some of the heaviest readers in the sport.  Unfortunately, some of their U.S. colleagues are jerks and make fun of their reading in the locker room.  (via The Millions)

Project (RED) and Penguin have teamed up to create some awesome covers for classic novels.  I may be replacing a few favorites.  (via Nonsuch Book)

These beautiful pictures of a iced-over home have a purpose -- to highlight the housing crisis in Detroit. (via Apartment Therapy)

And as a special treat, another set of piccies (thanks for the great word, Al!).  These are unusual formations in caves. (via io9)

Going for gold,


  1. Thanks for the round-up! Off to read about NBA players!

  2. Love the icicles!
    We never see anything even remotely like that down here.


    Publish or Perish

  3. I love that icicle house.

    And I've been thinking of watching the Olympics with my Little One. I think he might enjoy a bit of it.

  4. J.T. - Glad you found something of interest!

    Al - Last year we had a ridiculous amount of snow and some incredible icicles on the house. Maybe I can post some pics soon.

    Jenners - Z is slightly interested in some parts -- mostly fast ski races.