Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Book List Meme: Three Books That I Loved As A Child

Three books I loved as a child?  This is a hard one!  Luckily these aren't superlative lists ... these are just three of the many books that I loved as a child.  I'm trying to think of ones I haven't talked about a bunch before.

1. Raggedy Ann Stories by Johnny Gruelle - I adored these stories about Raggedy Ann and Andy.  They hobnob with fairies and other toys and play with kittens.  These books also introduced me to my favorite word -- grotto (only slightly tarnished by the Playboy Mansion).

2. The Nancy Drew Series by Carolyn Keene - I think that almost every time I came home from the library I had checked out one of these.  I don't remember much about the stories themselves but I remember loving the suspense and the independence.

3. No Flying in the House by Betty Brock - This was one of the ones that I re-read over and over.  I bought a copy a few years ago and liked it just as much now as I did then --though for entirely different reasons.  This book caused me to spend hours of my childhood trying to kiss my elbow.  You see, if you can do that you're a fairy.

Loving this short trip back in time,


  1. I haven't heard of the other two books, but I was a big Nancy Drew fan also. I think I checked out the entire collection from the library over the years. My favorites were still the first ten though--maybe because they were the freshest when I read them.

    I admired Nancy's poise, style, and spunk...and the fact that she had a boyfriend like Ned Nickerson ready to do her bidding. Plus, her relationship with her father put her right in the ranks of all true heroines.

  2. I want to check these out, too! I never did get into Nancy Drew but I am not really sure why. Probably cause I read too much Ann M. Martin and then got into the stage where I didn't like reading anymore (that lasted nearly 10 years, so). I used to love my Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, though somewhere along the way Andy lost his pants and Ann lost an eye. I guess my dolls were all about the battlefield?

  3. I loved Raggedy Ann and Andy! I also loved the Velveteen Rabbit.

    Nice blog.

  4. Jane - I agree that the first ones were the best.

    Jenners - I am wondering if I could convince Z to become interested in any of them but probably not. ;)

    Rebecca - I think you had to start Nancy Drew early before you discovered better writers! The story lines are pretty repetitive and it's just the good characters that kept me coming back.

    Paige - Ahh, the Velveteen Rabbit. So sad!

  5. I never read the Raggedy Ann books but I had Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls when I was growing up that I have fond memories of. My mom made them. I wish I hadn't missed out on Nancy Drew! I know I would have loved them.

  6. Shelley - The funny thing is that I never had the dolls! I always wanted them though. I loved Raggedy Ann's pinafore and her yarn hair.

  7. I loved your list and will definitely be checking out that last one! Funny story . . . I used to sneak The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew out of my uncle's room to read them! Never got caught either!!! The books taught me well!! :)

  8. Tif - Haha! Using your reading to hone your skills? Awesome. And I think you will like No Flying in the House!

  9. LOL!!! I'm definitely adding No Flying in the House to my list!!