Saturday, March 6, 2010

Starred Saturdays: week of February 28

I took some beautiful spring pictures around our neighborhood but haven't uploaded them yet so maybe I will have them for you next week.  We have many neighbors with apple and cherry trees so there are some beautiful blossoms.  What is blooming in your neighborhood?

If you're like me, your favorite thing that shows up in movies is the breakfast-making machine.  Well here's one that Yuri Suzuki and Masa Kimura made in real life.  (via Design for Mankind)

This week spawned a few book-to-movie news items:
The Incarceron movie rights have been bought by Fox.  (via io9)
Studio Ghibli's new movie is a Japanese adaptation of The Borrowers.  There's a website if you read Japanese.  (via GalleryNucleus Ghibli blog)
And Tim Burton will be bringing us Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: The Movie.  (via Techland and io9)

Lev Grossman discusses the best way to travel between worlds on the Techland blog.  My favorite -- "fall asleep".

The NY Times discusses e-book pricing to dispel the idea that they should be uber-cheap.  (via Pages To Type Before I Sleep ...)

Bored at work?  Spend some time searching the archives of Popular Science magazine.  They have magazines online back to 1872.  I just found an awesome article about the Great Auk (which is now extinct).  (via io9)

The husband loves apple fritters and I think I might surprise him with these, courtesy of The Pioneer Woman. Really ... they're for him.  I won't eat many at all.

And I found a couple of awesome visual features this week so here you go ...

A National Geographic reader took this picture of an all black penguin on South Georgia Island. (via io9)

Iron-rich waters in the Antarctic or a zombie breeding ground? (via io9)

Apartment Therapy has a gallery of snow-covered homes.  I love this one!  I've never seen anything like it.

And here are some awesome NASA high-res photos of the Earth made into a video.  The Earth is sure beautiful. (via io9)

Marching on to spring,