Saturday, March 27, 2010

Starred Saturdays: week of March 21

Happy Saturday!  I assume that some of you are starting Spring Break this week.  Ours isn't until next week, beginning with Good Friday.  I can't wait!  I'm trying to think of outings to take with Z -- and "dad" has just decided to take the week off with us which will be fun!  It might be raining for most of the week though so we are going to have to plan indoor activities.

A link just for Jenners -- here's the Kindle app for iPad (so that you don't lose the books you already bought for your Kindle ... see, now an iPad is an even better idea!  You know you want one.).

If you are in need of some major bookshelf envy, take a look at this beautiful staircase/bookcase featured on Apartment Therapy.

This is definitely my favorite book theft story ever.  I love the punishment that they ended up giving to this man.

Part of me loves this idea (as long as they really are unusable books) and part of me feels a bit queasy.

Hey Potterites!  The Harry Potter theme park in Florida is opening on June 18th.  And if you can't wait for your HP fix, check out the new official Scholastic HP website where you can take quizzes on the books to unlock secret content. (via EW's Shelf Life)

Being a zoologist, I've become pretty okay with most animals.  I volunteered at the Seattle Aquarium for about two years and fed small sharks once a week with almost no problems.  But Snake Island?  Even though it's beautiful, I'm going to stay far away.  If you like reading about "grizzly deaths", check out the link.

I am notorious for two things food-related -- spilling on myself and burning myself.  So, although I would love to make Joy the Baker's caramel corn, if she even burned herself then I'm in real trouble.  But then again it just looks so dang good ...

And our picture of the week is coming from our Australian blog colleague, Al.  He's got some fantastic koala piccies -- something that is apparently a great accomplishment even for an Aussie.  Head over to his post to see all of his wonderful snaps!

Feeling a bit of wanderlust,


  1. Wow. This post is packed with good things! I nearly fainted when I saw the bookshelf and I also love/hate the plants-in-books idea.

    I also love a person who uses the word "wanderlust" to describe themselves because it's a word close to my heart.

    I love this blog.

  2. The bookcase/staircase is awesome but it would look even better with actual books on the shelves. I would love to live in a house that has it.

  3. Hey thanks for the shout out!

    Those bookshelves are just amazing.

    Now I want to move into a house with a spiral staircase!

    Snake island?
    Even at 1 snake per square metre the population seems way over the top. Yes, snakes can attain very high population densities given ideal conditions (their low metabolic rate means high predator/prey rations). But at that type of population density even snakes would eat every prey animal into local extinction and then starve to death.
    It has to be a total myth.


    Publish or Perish

  4. Oh .... you are EVIL! (Me want the iPad. Now me thinketh I needeth the iPad. Must begin working on Mr. Jenners for the iPad. I'll just wait until he wants some terribly expensive gadget and then offer him a trade!!)

    And I had no idea you were a zoologist!!! HOW FASCINATING!

    And I had seen Al's koala photo ... amazing!

  5. Paige - I would have tried my hardest to fill those bookshelves!

    Lilly - I agree. Bookshelves without books don't make sense. I wonder how much it would darken the staircase to fill them up.

    Al - My main goal in life is some sort of library that requires a library ladder.
    And here is a National Geographic visit to Snake Island --
    Apparently there are nesting birds there so I would think that these snakes probably eat eggs.

    Lenore - I feel like the man's punishment was actually a reward for caring. :)

    Jenners - I know. ;) I love the barter idea!