Saturday, April 17, 2010

Starred Saturdays: week of April 11

Welcome to another non-controversial edition of Starred Saturdays!  I got to wear shorts for the first time yesterday which was awesome.  And my birthday is coming up on Tuesday so it looks to be an antsy weekend.  I want to know what are in the boxes that have arrived so far!

If you're interested in some exposure to science-fiction short stories, io9 is starting a Weekend Short-Story Club.  They have posted a schedule of stories and they are all freely available online so that nobody has access issues.  FYI - I tried to read the first Asimov story but it was awful and I couldn't finish it.

Today is Record Store Day!  Check out the site for events at your local indie stores.  I wish I could be in San Francisco to see Jónsi!  (via Chronicle Books Blog)

Here's a cool critter-cam video of a sea lion capturing an octopus.  The color changes in the octopus are amazing and it's a bit sad to watch its demise.

And I was going to include more volcano photos but I hear that some of you in the U.K. and Europe are less than pleased with the Icelandic ash-factory right now so instead, here is the rock island monastery of Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy.

Doing a whole lot of nothing,


  1. Fun video.
    I have to go to Normandy some day.

  2. Happy early birthday!

    I would LOVE to give you a little present. If you got to this list of books, let me know some you might want to get when I am done reading them! Also, do you have a wishlist at Amazon as I have other books not on that list and I can see if I can give one to you.

  3. Al - I would love to go to Normandy too.

    Jenners - I'll send an e-mail. You are too sweet! :)