Saturday, April 3, 2010

Starred Saturdays: week of March 28

Happy Easter to those who will celebrate the holiday this weekend.  We celebrate in a secular way with Easter eggs and baskets of goodies (always including a book).  Our biggest dream would be a non-rainy Easter here in Seattle where we can actually do our egg hunt outdoors!

If you haven't heard, next Saturday is Dewey's 24- Hour Read-A-Thon.  I haven't decided if I will participate or not yet.  It always seems a bit competitive which I'm really not into.

Lenore at Presenting Lenore had a great April Fools' Day post about how to build a truly great book blog.

Jacket Copy has a roundup of literary t-shirts.  I like the Threadless owl one!

The New York Times laments the end of book covers with the increased use of e-readers.  I agree with the point that seeing the cover will help you remember a book when you search for it later.  So even if you get up the courage ask someone what they are reading on their device, there's a good chance you won't remember it if you want to find it at some point.

In my first Starred Saturdays post I featured these salted brown butter krispy treats.  I finally made them yesterday and they are wonderful.  The brown butter gives them a bit more depth of flavor and the little bits of sea salt are a pleasant surprise.  Um, I would share but they are gone already.

My favorite photos of the week are of the current volcanic eruption on Iceland.  I think that "lava" is one of my favorite colors!  You should definitely head to the links and see more pics.  (via io9 and The Daily Mail)

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  1. I totally agree about the book covers on the E Readers. I have an E Reader and it shows black and white images, so you really don't get the full effect of the book covers. And I often look for a book by its cover as I have a really bad memory and I am always forgetting the titles of books lol!

    Lovely photo of the Volcano errupting!

  2. Enjoyed this post--I agree about covers being memory joggers, and the volcanic picture is awesome.

  3. LOL-thanks for the link to Lenore's post. It was really funny! :)

    Those pictures are amazing. I've become slightly obsessed with Iceland recently...have you read The Far Traveler? It's an AWESOME nonfiction book about a wonderful viking woman. I totally want to visit some day now.

  4. I stopped by your blog today.

  5. Scattie - I also have a VERY bad memory! Even after I've read a book, there's a good chance that I can't tell you who the author was. :)

    Jane - I can't get enough volcano pics!

    Eva - I loved that one too! And I have also been discovering Iceland over the last couple of years -- beginning with music and moving to books. I haven't read The Far Traveler but I need to. It's a fabulous place and I will definitely go someday!

    Ann - Thanks for stopping by!