Friday, May 21, 2010

New Release: A Whole Nother Story

Have you been wanting to get in early on the next big series?  Do you love Lemony Snicket or The Mysterious Benedict Society?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, you should definitely read A Whole Nother Story by Dr. Cuthbert Soup.  It's smart, witty and full of adventure -- and set up nicely to continue in another book.

The focus of this story is the Cheeseman family -- father, two sons and daughter.  And don't forget Steve -- he's a sock puppet.  And I better mention Pinky, the now hairless fox terrier, who is able to save the family from danger more than once.  And the Cheesemans (Cheesemen?  ::wink::) are not just the focus of the story, but also the focus of three different searches by nefarious government agent/corporate heavy types who are trying to get their hands on an amazing device that Dr. Cheeseman is inventing.  So the Cheesemans are on the run, constantly changing homes and their names and hoping to complete the device in the hopes of reversing something tragic that happened in their lives.

Except for a few spots where the humor was a bit forced, I loved this book.  Not only do these children have a healthy relationship with their father but they are also kind to new friends that they meet -- friends who aren't the most popular kids but have their own strengths.  The plot is compelling and even heartbreaking in parts.  I really hope that this becomes a successful series!

And for the first time ever I'm going to send my readers to go watch a book trailer -- this one made me laugh out loud!  There's even a "New Identity Customizer" (click on "NIC names" on the same page) that will give you a new name for when you need to go on the run -- mine is Jambalaya Raisinham.  They'll never find me now.

Trying to get hired at Dr. Soup's National Center for Unsolicited Advice,
J (for Jambalaya)

Support our site and buy A Whole Nother Story on Amazon or find it at your local library. We borrowed our copy from the library but will probably buy our own copy soon!


  1. You are always reading and writing about books that have never even crossed my radar!

    I love the idea of a National Center for Unsolicited Advice! I could work there!

  2. Jenners - I hope that's a good thing! ;) Volunteering at the school library helps me find a lot of these younger books.