Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Release: Enchanted Glass

I think Enchanted Glass is maybe the fifteenth Diana Wynne Jones book I've read and it's definitely one of my favorites.  I would even say top five after the first two Chrestomanci books, Howl's Moving Castle and House of Many Ways.  It has everything I like most about her books -- magic in everyday situations, positive family (and adopted family) relationships and a bit of danger.

Andrew Hope inherits his grandfather's home but doesn't realize that with it he also inherits a "field-of-care" -- a magical parcel of land containing his home and the local town.  After the arrival of young Aidan, a runaway orphan who is being chased by mysterious beings, Andrew has to remember things he learned as a child but subsequently forgot and try to figure out how to protect this young boy and all of the citizens of Melstone from the shady Mr. Brown.

I couldn't read this book fast enough.  And yet, I regret reading it as fast as I did because it was wonderful and comforting -- like most DWJ books!  I wasn't totally in love with the last one I read, The Game, but this one shows that she is still a skilled storyteller.  As soon as it is out in paperback, I'm going to be buying my own copy (although I may cave in and buy the beautiful UK hardcover)!

And I am sending my best wishes to the author as she is currently battling cancer.  I truly hope she is able to recover and create more of her amazing stories for years to come.

Hoping this magical world really exists somewhere,

Support our site and buy Enchanted Glass on Amazon or find it at your local library.  We borrowed our copy from the library and will be buying a copy of our own.


  1. You know you're going to force me to start reading these, right?

  2. Am putting this on my library hold list right now...

  3. I would have bought the pretty UK hardcover already, only I'm not sure what size it is. It doesn't matter really, but I bought The Pinhoe Egg in England and I hate that it's a totally different size to my other DWJ books.


  4. These I might be talked into reading. I love that cover!

  5. Paige - I sure hope so! These books are a lot of fun!

    Cecelia - Awesome! I can't wait to hear what you think.

    Jenny - I have all paperbacks which is why I want to wait. I'm obsessive too. :)

    Jenners - Diana Wynne Jones is a great bridge for those who aren't sure if they want to read fantasy or not. Sometimes, you forget that the things she is writing couldn't really happen!