Saturday, June 26, 2010

Starred Saturdays: week of June 20

We're finishing our first week of summer vacation and, well, we've done just about nothing!  That doesn't mean that things haven't happened to us though.  Z lost his first tooth!  We were very excited and the tooth fairy brought him two dollars (or as he said "she gave me one dollar and an identical one dollar!").  He used them to buy ice cream at Cold Stone yesterday.  And I was browsing the discount carts at our local Half Price Books which happen to be outside and I got stung by a bee which I'm apparently mildly allergic to.  Still, I ended up with 12 books for $24 so it balanced out, I guess.

Jenny is hosting a Diana Wynne Jones Week from August 1 to 7.  I will be posting a DWJ review on Monday of a fantastic book so feel free to pick that one up in time to participate!  I plan on reading one from my TBR, two from the library and as many as I can get through from my own library as re-reads.  I love Diana Wynne Jones!

Simon posted a collection of the submissions to his A Picture Paints a Thousand Books meme.  It's really interesting!

OUP blogger Lauren has linked to the fascinating history of the @ symbol.

Tasty Kitchen is ruining my weight loss attempts -- this time with "brownies and bars".  Specifically, sea salt and caramel brownies.  A local doughnut shop has a salted caramel doughnut that is one of the few things that I really crave.

And I didn't have any starred videos or pics this week so I hit Stumbleupon and the first thing that came up was photographer Nick Brandt's site.  He has scores of beautiful African safari black and white shots.  I keep trying to find a favorite but each picture I scroll down to is as beautiful or more so than the one before.  They are truly breathtaking.  So, I will let you click over and experience the beauty for yourself!  His photos have also been published by Chronicle Books in On This Earth: Photographs from East Africa.  It's going on my wishlist!

Taking the good with the bad,


  1. Beautiful photos! Reminds me of my own trip to East Africa last year.

  2. I see the tooth fairy has adjusted her rates for inflation! In my day she did not hand out one dollar and an identical one dollar (that's so cute!), but one dollar only. Z must be excited to lose more teeth! :p

    Thanks for the shout-out on DWJ week! I'm really glad I decided to do this!

  3. Wow!! The first tooth lost! I was wondering how much the Tooth Fairy paid for a first tooth ... it helps to know the going rate. Now I gotta get a dollar bill and an IDENTICAL dollar bill. (Too cute!)

  4. I think the tooth fairy left me a quarter when I lost my first tooth.

    And I am totally making those brownies this week. They sound amazing!

  5. sea salt and caramel brownies?? Oh I shouldn't be reading about this!! I have a sweet tooth, but love the sweet/salty (or sweet/tangy) combo!

  6. Lenore - I'm glad I could remind you of your trip!

    Jenny - Well, this was just the first tooth. I believe the "regular" rate will be $1. And yes, it's WAY more than I ever got.

    Jenners - I hear that anything under $1 is considered shabby. ;)

    Claudia - Yeah, I think a quarter might have been the most I ever got. I seem to remember getting dimes.

    Christa - I know. They sound absolutely delicious! I've resisted so far but I think I might make them tomorrow. :)