Saturday, July 10, 2010

Starred Saturdays: week of July 4

Oh, the heat!  We're so glad that it's finally breaking.  We don't have air conditioning in our house so it's always extremely unpleasant when it gets into the 90s (it got up to 35, for you non-Fahrenheit users).  Still, I know there are worse places to be right now so I'll be satisfied with where we are.  

If I wanted a real getaway (and had lots and lots of extra money), I would take advantage of Richard Branson's new Virgin Limited Edition Retreats.  For now, I'll just be looking at the beautiful photos!  (via Apartment Therapy)

Now do you want to be creeped out?  Try checking out these bug dioramas by artist Lisa Wood.  Previously-live bugs in quaint settings?  Shiver.  (via The Millions)

For Jenners, here is a collection of Treehouse Hotels.

I have a problem with heights--and with standing somewhere that could crumble beneath me--so I probably won't be visiting The Swallow's Nest castle any time soon.

I love this picture from vickiemarie that was posted on Shutter Sisters.  Wouldn't it make a wonderful book blog header?

And I will be tucking these photos away for a miserable winter's day -- Lifeguard Cabin photos by Amir Zaki.  (via Apartment Therapy)

Sitting in front of a fan,


  1. I want to go stay in the Swallow's Nest! It looks awesome! As long as the weather forecast predicted clear skies for that weekend...

  2. You don't have A/C???? OH MY GOSH! I could not live without A/C? (Seriously, I would be such a bi**h!

    And how much do I love those treehouses???? My dream come true! Thank you!!!!

  3. I could not visiting the The Swallow's Nest Castle either for the same reason. Just looking at the castle hanging off the cliff makes me feel dizzy and nauseous.

  4. Jenny - I would insist on a land view!

    Jenners - Most houses don't have A/C in Seattle. Of course, most of the time it's not above 80.

    Lori - I know! As soon as I saw the picture I was nervous.