Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Release: Cooper's Guide Seattle

If you are planning a trip to Seattle (or London, New York City, Amsterdam or Alaska) and you have kids, you are going to want a Cooper's Guide to prepare for the trip and to take along with you!

Cooper is a puppy with tennis shoes and a red backpack and he's beginning to travel around the world.  His latest adventure was to Seattle (he's from the very local Bainbridge Island) and the Seattle guide that he's put together with friends Kyle & Groot is wonderful.  It's mostly a picture book with lots of stunning photographs and a travelogue format retelling how Elliott the sea otter showed Cooper around his city.  There are a couple of general maps on the inside cover flaps but this is mainly a book to give a child a bit of familiarity with the place you are traveling to and to whet their appetite for the sights of the area.

Z fell in love with this book immediately and spent two whole days looking through it and reading it.  Because Seattle is our hometown, there were many things that we were already familiar with but also plenty of new facts and surprises.  He loved seeing the pictures of the ferry (which we take a couple of times a year to various local islands), the Pike Place Market and all of its beautiful local produce and seafood and the EMP/SFM (Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum) that we just recently visited with him for the first time.  He also loved seeing a picture of the "Wall of Gum" which his dad likes to complain about (because it's disgusting!).  And Z is insisting that we take our car to the car wash with the pink elephant sign sometime soon.

You really need to visit the Cooper's Pack website to see all that they have to offer (note: some parts of the site are still being built, like the store).  They have animal guides matched with each city and plenty more locations on the way, including Athens, Cape Town and Tokyo.  Their Seattle guide is also available as an iPad app with London and New York versions coming soon.  I'm completely sold on these books and will definitely pick up any of them that coincide with where we are traveling.

Loving family travel made easier,
K and Z

Buy the Cooper's Pack Travel Guide to Seattle on Amazon or find it at your local library.  We received a review copy from the publisher.


  1. Cooper looks an awful lot like Snoopy.

  2. Al, I think that might be my fault for photographing him from the side like that. ;) When I saw the picture I also thought of Snoopy even though I hadn't thought that before.

    I love these ones, Jenners!