Tuesday, September 21, 2010

RIP Read #5: New Release: The Wave

When I first picked up The Wave by Susan Casey, I didn't anticipate it being an RIP read.  But the feelings of peril and adventure that I felt while reading of storm-tossed ships and death-defying surfers made this a perfectly scary read!  My paranoia has been renewed about the inevitable giant Pacific Northwest quake and I'm reconsidering thoughts of moving back to Hawaii.

Part science lesson in wave mechanics and weather, part eulogy for ships lost at sea and part travel log of big wave surfers that are looking for elusive hundred-foot giants, this was one of the fastest non-fictions reads I've ever picked up.  The bulk of the narrative follows the surfers with brief forays into the other aspects of this topic.  This makes for a book that should hold interest for anyone who loves and/or fears the ocean.  The book certainly restored my respect for the seas and built my respect of these men and women, scientists and surfers alike, who attempt to master the strongest forces on earth.

You can listen to an interview with Susan Casey and Laird Hamilton (or read a transcript and an excerpt from the book) on NPR here.

Relocating my dreams of an oceanside home,

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  1. The Portuguese-sea-adventurer in me became instantly curious about this one :) Thank you for the recommendation!

  2. wow, a friend of mine was raving about THE WAVE and I can see why based on your review! It sounds awesome!

  3. This book sounds really good. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  4. I was like this is a RIP Read ... but it does sound like it qualifies!

  5. Alexandra - This is a great ocean book!

    Marie - This was already a topic that I was interested in but I think that almost anyone could enjoy it!

    Kailana - I hope you find it at some point.

    Jenners - I didn't think it would be an RIP read. I read it just because it was a review copy. But as I kept getting nervous and stressed about the intense situations, I started thinking that it should count. It inspired more emotion than any of my other reads so far this season!

  6. Great read. I was fortunate to hear Susan Casey discuss her book and show some very amazing videos at the Seattle Public Library last week. She's extremely knowledgeable and writes about the power of the ocean with amazing enthusiasm.

  7. Kate - I'm sorry that I missed that talk! I think that her love of the ocean definitely comes through in the book.