Friday, September 24, 2010

RIP Read #9: The Little Stranger

It turns out that I couldn't wait any longer to pick up my next Sarah Waters book after a rather good experience with Fingersmith.  Now, I'm even a bigger fan of Waters after reading The Little Stranger.  It was a perfect study of post-war England with a touch of unexplained darkness.

If you're one of the few who hasn't heard of this story yet, it's about the Ayres family--mother, daughter and son--who are coping with the deterioration of their home, Hundreds Hall, war injuries (both physical and mental) and a possible malicious presence in their home.  Told by the local physician, Dr. Faraday, this is a story of love, obligation and change.

I don't think I can praise this book enough.  When I was about a third of the way through it, I sat back at one point and thought "this is exactly the book that I want to read" and not just because it was a wonderful RIP read.  It was simply a perfect picture of the changing times in the years after World War II -- both for the nobility and for women.  I'm still looking forward to Affinity but, for now, this is my favorite Sarah Waters novel.

Watching it all fall down,

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  1. This was a book that really grew on me. I first rated it 3/5 but over tme I still think about it and now I would say it was a 4/5. The writing in it was stunning and so was the imagy and decribtions

  2. This is one book I need to get a copy of. I like Water's writing a lot. Great review Kristen.

  3. This was my first Waters, and I loved it to pieces. I only have Affinity and Tipping the Velvet left to read, but so far the three others I've read are all tied for my favorite Waters ;)

  4. i liked Fingersmith myself and have this on my wish list!! I'm glad it was so good, now I can't wait to get it

  5. >>> When I was about a third of the way through it, I sat back at one point and thought "this is exactly the book that I want to read" and not just because it was a wonderful RIP read.

    I love it when I have this feeling about a book I'm reading. When it happens, I like to slow my reading down and enjoy every moment, because I know the next book won't be quite as pleasing. :)

  6. I plan to read this is in October. Looking forward to seeing what I think of it. Thanks for the review!

  7. I read this last year for RIP and loved it. Like you, I kept thinking about how much I wanted to be reading that particular book at that particular time! I haven't read any other Sarah Waters books, but I look forward to doing so someday.

  8. You are doing really well with the RIP challenge! I definitely want to read this one and hopefully I get to it before the end of next month!

  9. Apparently, I need to move this up in my list for RIP Reads. So glad you enjoyed it so much -- and wow! RIP Read #9?? You go, girl!

  10. I'm glad you enjoyed this book, Kristen. I read it a few months ago and I thought the scene-setting was superb.

    I enjoyed Affinity too - again, wonderful descriptions and twists in the tale. The only Waters book I just couldn't get into was The Night Watch. Haven't read Tipping The Velvet

  11. Oh I'm so glad to hear this. I got this as my next Sarah Waters read ... glad to hear it "lived up" to or even exceeded the wonderfulness of "Fingersmith."

  12. Jessica - Interesting that you've come to appreciate it more over time. Have you read any other Waters?

    Diane - I hope you pick it up. It was fantastic!

    Teresa - I'm glad that this is only my second so that I have more to look forward to!

    Deslily - I think you'll love this one too.

    Jenny - It was a really good feeling and I did savor it. It's rare to have that complete feeling of comfort with a novel.

    Kailana - I hope you like it too!

    Terri - This is definitely one book that lives up to the hype. I hope you enjoy your next Waters as much!

    Lola - I hope you do too. It's a perfect one for the season!

    Overflowing - Don't put this one off. It's worth the time! And yes, I'm crazy. ;)

    Tracy - The scenes seemed perfect. I have Affinity and The Night Watch here so I'm sure I will get to them within the next year.

    Jenners - I think you'll like this just as much. It's not as twisty as Fingersmith but I think it's stronger in a lot of ways.

  13. I have not yet read any books by Waters, but I am definitely adding them to my ever-growing list! :) Especially considering that I tend to love your recommendations!

  14. Tif - I'm just sorry that I didn't start reading her books earlier!