Saturday, January 8, 2011

Starred Saturdays: week of January 2

Hey!  It's a brittle star!  I love these little echinoderms.  They have five long snaky arms and look really cool as they move over things on the ocean floor.  I wanted to change up my star picture for the new year and came across this guy.  He won't be a permanent fixture.  I just thought he was cool for today.  And, as I'm in a visual mood tonight, here are some pretty cool pics for your viewing pleasure.

Some brittle starts are orange and apparently so are some alligators.  A grandmother in Florida saw this guy that scientists think might be a half-albino.  I think he probably just stayed in the Cheeto bag for too long. (via io9)

I think this little house is just begging to star in a picture book.  How did it get there?  How does it feel about being so small?

Did I say small picture book?  Artist Allison Sommers has hand-painted this delicate little book and it's exquisite.  If you like her art, she also has an etsy shop.

Exquisite and delicate, snowflakes as seen through a scanning electron microscope are really awesome.

And since we've moved on to science photos, New Scientist has the best science photos of 2010.  There are some beautiful pictures and some horrible ones (like the one of a shark-finning facility in Japan).  I personally love this pygmy marmoset.

Oh, okay ... and one more picture of the lightning/volcano pairing that Eyjafjallajökull blessed us with last year.

And since I brought up Iceland, I'll end with a video from Jónsi (lead singer of Icelandic band Sigur Rós) for his song "Sticks and Stones" from How to Train Your Dragon.  If you haven't seen this movie yet, you're missing out.

In love with the visuals,


  1. I LOVE that house! When I live on my own, I want a tiny little house just like that. Only, with a bit more of a lot so I'm not not so close to the neighbours. ;)

  2. I want to live in that house also. If I could live by myself, that would be the perfect cozy little house for me. :p

  3. The Iceland photo is incredible, and I love the Tangoed alligator.

  4. Oh wow on that little house!!! It looks so quaint. And that alligator does look like he took a bath in Cheeto dust.

  5. You know, that could be the house from the The Little House by Burton! That is the first thing I thought of anyways! Cute book for a cute house! :)

    I always love your pictures that you share! This time, I've gotta say my favorite is definitely the cheeto-gator!! :)

  6. Eva - I had a friend a few years ago who lived in the smallest house in our area. It was like 500 square feet and was so perfect for a single person! And it had a nice lawn and backyard so it wasn't so crowded as this. :)

    Jenny - I dream of a cozier house.

    Tracy - I had to look up Tango but yes, quite Tangoed!

    Jenners - It would be easy to clean a house that small.

    Tif - I thought of that house too! It seems like Burton's book might be older than this house? I would have to look it up. And thanks for the compliment! I come across a lot of amazing things each week.

  7. I'm sure it has to be older than the house! It was a Caldecott book from the 50's or 60's, wasn't it?!? I've got the list on my blog. Maybe I should look that up?!?

    And, you're welcome! :)