Monday, February 14, 2011

A Dozen Things I Love in the Book World

photo by k
Happy Valentine's Day! This is a holiday that we don't always make a big deal of in our home, at least on the day itself. This year I received some beautiful flowers last Friday and gave my hubby a book that night. So today is just going to be a quiet day for us. But there are still many things to love and celebrate today! Here are a dozen beautiful things I love in the book world --
Bookstores (especially ones with cafes where the scent of coffee mixes with the smell of paper),
Deckled Edges,
New Releases from a favorite author,
Matched Sets,
Faithful Film Adaptations,
Annotated Editions,
Entertainment during power outages,
Loving your first book from a prolific author,
Sharing favorites with your child,
and of course, Book Bloggers!
K and Z


  1. I feel a lot less tolorant and am unlikely to finish a book that just isn't working for me since I've started blogging.

    I have a lot less time for reading and too many good books to read.

  2. Bookstores and cafes are my favourite combination!

  3. I just love this list! And reading the first book by a prolific author is like finding a hidden treasure! May we all have many!

  4. Happy V-Day! Those are indeed all very good things, particularly matched sets. Matched sets are great. I wish I owned dozens.

  5. Wonderful list--I resonate with everything on there, esp discovering the first book in a series!

    Glad you had a good day, filled with flowers and books.