Saturday, October 22, 2011

Real Read-a-Thon Start

Hey there, fellow read-a-thoners! It's 8:30am and I'm only 3 1/2 hours late to this party! I ended up staying up until about 2am last night so I'll probably be ducking out for a nap sometime today.

I started Spellbinder by Helen Stringer last night and got through the first two chapters (41 pages) so that's what I'm starting with today. It's a re-read but I don't remember a whole lot about it so I'm excited to revisit it.

I'll be making those blueberry scones in about half an hour but I want to get a bit of reading done right off so I'm starting NOW! I'll do small updates on Twitter (along with some food pics, I'm sure) and be back here on the blog in a bit.

20 1/2 hours of reading ahead (more or less),


  1. Mmm, scones. Do you have an audiobook you can listen to while you bake?

  2. I thought about an audiobook last night but then promptly forgot to download something! Luckily, it was a mix and the whole process took about 15 minutes. :)