Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New-ish Release: A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. I'm sure you've heard about this book by now. You probably don't know too much about it because most people who read it seem reluctant to share too much. They don't want to spoil the experience for the next reader -- and I wholeheartedly agree. I knew the barest facts about it--a child, a dying parent, a monster--and I'm glad that it was this way as I never knew what was ahead. I did know that I would cry while reading it but I honestly didn't expect to sob as hard as I did. This book explores something that you hope no child ever has to go through but, in reality, many do every year, every day. As a parent, this is heartbreaking to consider but the story that Ness tells is still somehow beautiful because of its humanity.

If I can just suggest one thing, you may want to familiarize yourself with the legend of The Green Man before reading this as it will give you a bit of insight into a portion of it.

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  1. I really worry about this one. I was not a fan of the first of the Chaos Walking books, and I never read the rest. I'm worried that everything Patrick Ness writes won't appeal to me, so I haven't even considered reading this one...

  2. I was very impressed by this book when I read it last year. I am glad I read it!

  3. I really must read this. And you're right … everyone seems to respect that you don't say too much about it so as not to ruin anything for the reader.

  4. Amanda - I've never read his other books so I can't say how they compare. But I certainly know that feeling for not wanting to take a second chance on an author that you didn't get on with!

    Kailana - It was what I expected and then again totally unexpected. I'm glad I read it too (even though I put it off for 6 months because I didn't want to cry!).

    Jenners - I think you would like this one.

  5. ohhhh I havent heard of this one but I really want to read this now

  6. I'm so torn. I want to read it but I don't. I'm just not sure...

    But thanks for the tip

  7. Oops--that was Thanks for the tip about The Green Man. Never heard it before...

  8. Jessica - I'm glad that I reviewed it then! I thought that everyone had heard of it already. :)

    Trish - I felt the same way. I seriously held on to it for like 9 months before I got up the courage to read it, knowing it would be so tragic. And I'm glad I could be helpful! I totally suck at knowing basic myths and stuff and I never get when a book is based on them so I thought I would share what I learned!