Monday, April 9, 2012

DWJ March (in April): Castle in the Air

I had one last Diana Wynne Jones read from last month that I mentioned finishing in my wrap-up post -- Castle in the Air. This was my second read of this "companion" novel to Howl's Moving Castle and, as is dictated by Jenny's Law, I thought it was better than on first read! I didn't even remember much of what would happen to Abdullah, the young carpet merchant, and his magic rug, so it was almost like reading it again for the first time. But I found this to be a solid story and I will definitely be revisiting it regularly!

On a magic carpet ride,


  1. *cracks up* Oh my God, I'm calling it Jenny's Law from now on. That's what that rule is always going to be called. DONE. LOVE IT.

  2. I read my version of this twice back to back, and even *I* liked it better the second time, haha! :D I didn't even need space between.

  3. Jenny - I considered Diana's Law but I had to give credit where credit is due. :) Your law holds so true that I'm sure it will catch on in no time!

    Amanda - That's funny! I wish I could remember my first read of it more so I knew why I liked it more this time through. But that's one thing with Jenny's Law -- you know that you like a book better on reread but not necessarily why. :)

  4. I finally bought a copy of the first book a couple of weeks ago, having been endlessly frustrated by trying to get it from the library (they always have the second, but I'm compulsive about reading in order); I'm really looking forward to it. I understand that the film of the first is not at all like the books, but I do love that as well.

  5. I should read this one again and see if "Jenny's Law" :) holds for me too. I remember liking it, but also being disappointed it didn't have more Howl in it...and now that I know that going in, I'll probably be able to enjoy it more for what it is!

  6. Buried - I'm all about reading in order too. I even stopped reading one vintage mystery series because one of the books was out of print and I couldn't find it used. :P Anyway, the book and movie are different enough that you can really just treat them as separate things and enjoy them both equally!

    Marvelous - Seriously, it will! Jenny's Law is law. :)