Saturday, April 21, 2012

Read-a-Thon Update: Hour Eleven

Well, this has not been a super productive Read-a-Thon so far but I did open my birthday presents a day late and got a beautiful new camera (an Olympus PEN Mini for you camera buffs out there) and some books!

In four hours I've only read 100 pages of Thomas the Rhymer but I'm getting toward the end of it and I think my next read will go better -- especially if I find a quiet place to read that doesn't have a fidgeting, chatty kid in it! I'm still tweeting regularly if you're interested in more updates than this.

Downgrading this to a "kind-of-reading-a-thon",


  1. "Kind of-reading-a-thon" is better than "Not-reading-a-thon," right?! Hope you are having fun!

  2. Like Lexi said, a little reading is always better than no reading!

    And I'm so excited you got an Olympus PEN Mini! Which colour, H wants to know? We love our PENs! ;)

  3. Lexi - It's true. And there are still many hours to go!

    Nat - Another PEN Mini owner? Yay! I got the new E-PM1 in black. Did you get other lenses for yours immediately or just start with the one it came with? I am so excited to start using mine. It's my first non-point and shoot. :)