Monday, May 7, 2012

Mistborn Read-Along: Chapter 35 to The End

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The discussion for the final section of Mistborn: The Final Empire has moved up a couple of days because, well, we all couldn't wait to finish it! It wasn't one that I thought I would ever read and yet here I am, waiting impatiently for us to start reading the next two books of the series. Now that I've read two of his books, I think that what Brandon Sanderson excels at the most is bringing an unfamiliar world to the reader in a way that makes it feel familiar and comfortable. If you've been curious about reading fantasy and don't know where to start, he's a good choice!

Please note that this post WILL contain spoilers. These are questions about the ending of the book.

These final questions are from Carl ...

1. So, what do you think of Kelsier's plan now? Or his 'plan within a plan'? How do you feel the late introduction of the kandra and how it fit into Kelsier's plan?

It's kind of amazing how far ahead Kelsier thought things out and planned. That he really knew his friends/colleagues well is shown in the way that they immediately pick up where he left off and things really do move forward in the way he planned. It's super interesting to have the kandra revealed after we were already convinced that he was a man, an actor, who was doing an amazing job of imitating a noble. Now we have to wonder how many kandras there are and whether we can trust that anyone is themselves going forward. We already know that this kandra has abandoned Kelsier's body but who has it become now? It said it would return and be guided by Vin so when will that be and will she decide to use its services after all? It's nice to have this revealed as a fresh plot line right at the end of this book. It will serve as one way to see how different Vin and Kelsier really are.

2. The final section of the book was very Vin-centric. How do you feel about the choices she made and did you have any worries/fears about what might happen to her before everything was resolved?

I was amazed by the choices she made. She took the role that she thought was hers, that of assassin, and went all out with it. She had faith in Kelsier's plan and his belief in the Eleventh Metal. I definitely worried about her -- especially after she was stripped of all her metals. I wonder if we'll learn more about what they made her ingest and how it was able to eliminate metals. I was also worried that this would be the last time that Sazed was going to save her -- that he wasn't going to survive the rescue attempt. Now that Kelsier has died, I don't feel safe about anyone surviving the series anymore so we'll just have to wait and see!

3. After all that, we find out that the Lord Ruler wasn't the prophesied one after all. Surprised? Had you figured it out? What thoughts do you have about the big reveal, including how it tied into Sazed's people?

I was completely surprised though then everything made a lot more sense. The man who wrote the diary entries seemed a lot like Kelsier and it was hard to imagine someone like that becoming so incredibly evil. And it explains why he (the diarist) didn't seem to have any powers. The Lord Ruler's powers are based in those of Terrismen. Though I wonder if we'll ever find out how he also ended up with allomancy.

4. There was some back and forth about Elend throughout the story and we finally got to see him take a greater stand. Any predictions about what might happen in book two with Elend taking on leadership duties?

Well, Elend doesn't exactly have a lot of leadership experience so it will be interesting to see how much the different factions--noble and skaa--are able to sway him. But if anyone can stand up against pressure, it might just be him. I wonder if his father is still alive though -- that's one person that I can see trying to muscle in and take Elend's place. Lord Venture is just awful.

5. Lastly, provide a little wrap up of your experience with the book. What do you think Sanderson's strengths are? How does this book stack up against other fantasies you've read?

As I said above, I think Sanderson excels in creating a fantasy world that doesn't feel entirely unfamiliar. In a way, this reminds me of Tolkien. Though we have new names and races, they aren't hard to keep track of. This is my second Sanderson book and he's quickly becoming a trusted author for a compelling story that stretches the imagination and the intellect.

Sighing with satisfaction and anticipation,


  1. Whatever they did that got rid of Vin's metals was interesting... I think there's a lot more to Allomancy than we know yet.

  2. I agree - this is a great series for people not so familiar with fantasy (like me!). I can't wait to read the other books with you!! Some of the questions and ponderings you have in your discussion here are some of the ones I had too, and yes, all shall be answered in time. :D

  3. I am sure that Lord Venture will be delighted that his boy has been made king: he will simply offer some fatherly advice to him: NOT! :D

  4. lol, Sue.

    Yes, I can see a rather.. um.. interesting father/son/king dynamic forming there. :P

  5. I certainly hope Lord Venture doesn't return - he's nasty. And if he does he can go straight to one of those dungeons that Vin was in - or better be sent to work on a plantation.
    So many surprises in this book, most of which i didn't see coming - you really do have to hand it to Sanderson. This is my first novel of his but it certainly won't be my last.
    Lynn :D

  6. I'm do bad with appreciating sci-fi and fantasy. Buy, the illustrations and the covers always seem so enticing! Good for you for reading to the end.

  7. Bookswithout - There's definitely more to learn about Allomancy -- like what exactly the Eleventh Metal is. I hope we get to learn more!

    Amanda - Obviously, having read a Sanderson book before, I was open to this sort of fantasy but it's not something I pick up regularly. But this is just so darn compelling! I've been missing out. :)

    Sue - Absolutely. He's going to retire to a country home and let Elend's goodness and intelligence lead the day, right?

    Naithin - Is it too early to plan Lore Venture's grisly demise?

    Lynn - There's got to be something horrible in store for him. He's just such an awful man.

    Bellezza - I read high fantasy as a kid and then moved completely away from it. I think that there is just such a wide gap between good and bad and it takes just one bad or confusing novel to put you off for a while. Luckily, this one was very good!