Saturday, October 13, 2012

Read-a-Thon Update Four

Ahh, just over the half-way point -- hour 12.5. I've now read for 4 hours and 24 minutes and have gotten through 293 pages which means that I've just finished my first book! Yay! Next up will probably be a graphic novel or two just for the sense of accomplishment.

We went out for lunch to the local café -- I had coffee, an omelet and some pumpkin pancakes. It was delicious. This afternoon, I'll be sticking to a Cool Lime Refresher from Sbux and some trail mix and dried fruit. For now I'm stuffed from lunch though so I'll just start reading again!

Over the hump,


  1. Oh dude--you could totally share this for Where in the World Are You Reading! (sorry for the plug...this month hasn't gotten much love as not many people seem to read in cafes).

    Anyway! Glad you're over the hump. I'm just now starting back after a LONG break during the day. I've been meaning to read Connolly for ages!

    1. I should! And Connolly is a total hit or miss author for me but now I know there are 3 books of his that I absolutely love!

  2. You had a great first half, hope the second half is just as awesome.

  3. awesome first half and ..the found sounds yummy