Thursday, November 15, 2012

Looking For The Secret Garden

photo by k
What I wouldn't give for a secret garden right now. It would have to be a tropical garden full of wonderful scents and some tasty fruit. I would go and hide from the rest of the book fair this week ... just kidding ... sort of. But it's totally kicking my butt. I was at Z's school from 8:45 this morning until 3pm and came home exhausted and with a screaming headache. I'm feeling better now but there are two more days left!

Anyway, I'm discussing The Secret Garden today over at The Estella Society. Come share your thoughts on this classic and help me forget my tired feet.

Looking to sneak away,


  1. I'm sure you do have a raging headache and exhaustinon. I just worked the book fair once for two hours and felt that way. Hang in there … you're doing great!

    1. It's done and I know it was totally worth it for the school. But I'm going to sleep most of this weekend away. :)