Friday, December 7, 2012

A Week of Gift Ideas: For Anglophiles and Foodies

Everyone knows that a good cookbook can be a great gift and I've got two to recommend.

Jamie Oliver's Great Britain (strangely just Jamie's Great Britain in, well, Great Britain ... as if we in the colonies wouldn't recognize that cute, boyish face), is a book that I won from Tasha a few weeks ago. It's maybe less of a traditional cookbook and more of a celebration of British food but it's really fascinating! It's also a hefty hardcover which is obviously a great choice for a gift. There are a couple of recipes that I'm still going to attempt but mostly I've used it so far as a bit of eye candy and fuel for my raging anglophilia.

And a more seasonal choice is Delish: A Home-Baked Christmas. This is really a book for seasoned bakers, with recipes for stollen, panettone and christmas puddings. But if you have someone in your life that isn't afraid to make something spectacular and who happens to have access to candied fruits galore, why don't you give this to them and then reap the dessert rewards? Z has made me promise to try making the White Christmas Slice -- melted white chocolate, crisped rice cereal, raisins, coconut, dried apricots and glacé cherries made into a bark. It honestly sounds delicious.

In an eating mood all of a sudden,


  1. Jamie Oliver's Great Britain is definitely a great gift for Anglophiles! I'm glad you got it and are enjoying it. :)

    1. I'm still SO stoked that I won a copy. It's awesome!