Monday, March 11, 2013

DWJ March: Odds and Ends #2

There are a couple more posts that I wanted to make sure you all got to see.

Bahnree has written What I Owe to Diana Wynne Jones on her blog, Bahnreads. It's a thoughtful tribute post to our favorite author. Beware though, you may be a bit teary by the end.

Anastasia of Birdbrain(ed) has posted a review of Hexwood. It's one of the few DWJ books that I haven't read yet but I have a feeling that will change sooner than later (I didn't know it has time travel!).

And don't forget that we will begin the Howl's Moving Castle read-along discussion on Friday and the watch-along on Saturday at two different times:

6pm Berlin/5pm London/1pm Eastern/10am Pacific
10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific/3pm (Sunday) New Zealand/11am (Sunday) Tokyo

The best way to chat during the movie is with TweetChat. Just sign in with your Twitter account and enter hashtag #howlalong. It will add the hashtag automatically to any posts you write so that you won't have to do it manually and it gives you a stream of all #howlalong posts.

Doing some party prep,


  1. Aaa, I know I won't make the Tweet chat BUT I am looking forward to seeing what everyone has to say -- I can still do that, right?

  2. I will not be joining in the watchalong, but I will be joining in for the readalong! Can't wait!

    1. Super! Have you seen the film? You'll definitely want to watch it after reading the book. It's different in so many ways but equally wonderful.

    2. I have not seen the film, but I do want to read the book first. I'm actually starting it today!

    3. You'll have a fun time comparing the two later. I hope you're loving the book. :)

    4. I am so far!!! I'm about half-way through it. If I didn't have to worry about selling my darn house, I would be done already! I want to know what happens next!!