Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Release and Giveaway: An Old Betrayal

Seventh in the Charles Lenox Mysteries series by Charles Finch, An Old Betrayal is a strong entry in a strong series. It started with the Agatha Award-nominated A Beautiful Blue Death, which introduced us to Victorian amateur detective Charles Lenox, an upper-class gentleman and second son who helps a friend by investigating the death of a former servant. It was followed by The September Society in which Lenox investigates a secret society and the disappearance of an Oxford student. Third was The Fleet Street Murders which mixes detection with politics as Charles also runs for a parliamentary seat. Then there was A Stranger in Mayfair which explores the workings of the Victorian upper class. The fifth book was A Burial at Sea which takes Lenox's detecting skills out onto the high seas on a naval vessel headed for Egypt. And finally, A Death in the Small Hours which heads to a small, cricket-obsessed village in the country.

Each of these stories is obviously well-researched and I always feel like I'm learning something as I read them as well as enjoying myself with a fun read about a good man. An Old Betrayal is no exception and, I have to admit, that a certain plot direction that I had been hoping for in the last book or two finally happened in this book and I couldn't be happier. It makes me very excited for book eight.

Thanks to the generosity of Minotaur Books, I have the fun opportunity for one of my U.S. readers to win copies of the first three books in the series. Just fill out the form below before the end of day on Sunday, Nov. 10. I'll contact the winner for their address. Good luck!

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  1. Fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. These do sound so good and I think that the publisher might have seen my comments on your previous posts because they offered me the latest one for review (how can I start at the end!!!). I've said a trillion times that I'm not a series gal but I couldn't help but enter the giveaway anyway.

    1. This is really a great series for a non-series reader like you because the personal story for Charles Lenox is pretty straightforward so, though his story is interesting, the real value in each book is in the mysteries. You could definitely read them with large gaps in between. :)