Friday, March 7, 2014

#DWJMarch: Fan Art Friday 1

Today is the first of four Fan Art Fridays. Perhaps by the end of the month I will have attempted some fan art of my own but today I want to feature an artist who I met during DWJ March last year, Goldeen Ogawa. Here is her deviantart profile, her blog and a couple of her DWJ fan art pieces.

The Homeward Bounders
Nursemaiding A Baby Griffin
Howl's Moving Castle
I'm hoping we see some new DWJ art from Goldeen this year. She's a true Diana Wynne Jones fan and a fantastic artist!


  1. Love the one of Howl! Howl would be delighted with those blue robes!

  2. Those are great! Very talented!!

  3. You are too kind! My butterflies are flitting joyously.

    As promised, I've done a blog response, and adding some interesting notes about the pictures you featured. For those interested:

    I need to catch up on #DWJmarch—it's been a wild first week!

    1. I adore your post! What a joy to know that your art was well-received. Thank you so much for sharing the story!

  4. I love all of these.

    I have found it very hard to find fanart that isn't Howl (nothing wrong with Howl, but it's almost all movie inspired rather than book inspired) but I persevered and found some rather nice Sirius portraits.